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The Institute endeavors to develop a human values which:

Demonstrates competency in the knowledge and skills in the sector of education, hospital and community.
Demonstrates competency in the skills and techniques based on concepts and principles from selected areas of educational fields with physical, biological and behavioral sciences.
Capable to demonstrate skills in teaching, management, interpersonal relations and communication.
Demonstrates leadership qualities and decision-making abilities to function effectively in various situations.
Aware of moral and ethical values and practices them in personal and professional life.
Recognizes the need for continued learning for their personal and professional development.


1. To provide a rich, stimulating and caring environment in which the child feels happy, safe, secure and confident.

2. To help all children to be happy, confident and enthusiastic learners.

3. To enable each child to reach their full potential by fostering self esteem and a sense of achievement.

4. To develop desirable social standards, moral and religious values.

5. To develop into a self-disciplined, physically fit and healthy person.

6. To instil respect and love for own country and the need for harmonious co-existence.

7. To develop individual talents and promote social responsibility and make proper use of leisure time.

8. To develop awareness and appreciation of the role of technology in national development.

9. To develop ability for enquiry, critical thinking , rational judgment and to develop into a responsible and socially well adjusted person.

10. To enjoy and respect artistic creativity and understand the language of the different artistic forms and use different means of expression and representation.

1. CBSE Curriculum.

2. Well Education,Experienced,Enthusiastic and Capable staff.

3. Confluence of culture & Modernization.

4. Well equipped spacious classrooms and hygienic environment.

5. Premises in under 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

Takshashila takes utmost care when it comes to the safety and security of our kids. 24 by 7 CCTV surveillance system,with proper monitoring, is installed in all our schools in place. Male and female security guards are stationed at the entrance.

Security measures taken by the school are as follows:

· Fire safety system

· R.O. plant

· CCTV Surveillance System

· 24 by 7 Security System

· Enclosed school premises with supervised entrance and exit points

· Monitored visitor entry

Takshashila High School has its own in-house bus transport facility for students. Every bus is provided with two well-trained bus attendants (male & female) and a medical first-aid box facility. Daily attendance is recorded during arrival and dispersal. All buses are well equipped with a live imaging GPS system.

Key features of our transport management system are as follows:

· Self-operated fleet of buses

· First aid facility

· Regular attendance record of students maintained in all buses

1. Maintained infrastructure

A clean, spacious school building having basic facilities including:

· Spacious classrooms with requisite furniture, boards, electrical fittings like lights and fans

· Clean and hygienic toilets

· Accessible drinking water

· Activity and play areas

· Laboratories with requisite instruments and equipment

· Computers for students to learn and experiment with

2. Quality of teaching and teachers

· Teachers will be our key in ensuring that students get the requisite lessons that keep their minds ignited for seeking knowledge.

· The challenge of improving quality of teaching by supporting teachers and students with modern teaching aids, tools and methodologies — like smart classrooms and digital course content.

· Extra-curricular will be promoted for sustaining a youngster’s interest at school.

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